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Thu, Mar 21, 2019 6:00 AM

Do employees interact in the Community?

Doesn't clearly say, or explain who agents, admins, accomplices etc are or what "Boost Beat" is 'till u click.

All annoyingly vague.

Checked many places: user profiles, "Community Basics" (under help under my account), "boost101."

Bad English, typos too in agent answers.

Constructive criticism

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2 y ago

We are so sorry for this experience, Matt555. Please give us the opportunity to change it for you! Do you need assistance at this time?

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2 y ago

To answer your question, yes we do. As boost specialists we learn more from getting feedback and idea’s from you. Not only do I learn from my employer boost mobile but I also learn from the customers I interact with. Chance always favors the prepared mind.

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1 y ago

I interact with Chance always favors the prepared mind. !!