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Thu, Jul 12, 2018 7:00 PM

Overcharged tripple in 6 weeks

On 6/15 I made a payment for 50 bucks and then on 7/2, due to a Boost text alerting me of my phone about to be disconnected I made another 50 dollar payment.. then today on 7/ 12 I get another text telling me I'm about to be disconnected again.. what in the world is going on here?? I have the snapshots to prove it.. am I being forced to make a 3 Rd payment??? Please help.

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3 y ago

Hi, Appleluna666! These are free service-related messages from Boost Mobile. We send them to:
•Inform you about promotional offers
•Let you know when you have successfully set up Auto Re-BoostSM
•Remind you of your monthly payment date
•Confirm an Auto Re-Boost transaction
•Let you know if your Auto Re-Boost transaction failed due to an issue with your credit or debit card

NOTE: For payment failure notifications, make sure to read through the text message for details about the error. Then call your card or bank provider to fix the problem. After that you will need to re-enroll in Auto Re-Boost via My Account.

You can also check the account status through your online account

Please send us a private message so we can review the payment history.