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I have an old t-mobile phone I bought 3rd party like 3yrs ago. My current phone is not working and I need to have my phone working. Tried to do the whole switch but error came up. How can I fix issue


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Hi there, STARLETT DEWEESE. Thanks for contacting us.


You can check whether a phone is compatible with our network here: 


If it is, you can order a SIM card for the activation right there. 

- jalopez81

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Don't believe what they are saying and order a SIM card from them. The SIM card only works with their "Expanded Network" most likely your phone will be considered incompatible, but they won't tell you that when you check the IMEI. The BYOB plans are so limited, and they don't tell you how restricted it is until you've spent some money a SIM. Then they tell you to just a buy new phone from their website, but none of those aren't eligible for the BYOB plans. Scam alert.


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So true! My imei said compatable. The store took my $96 cash waited for time to close to tell me to leave! No service plan and no money back. Scam scam scam!!

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Hi, @Brebegood! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about this. Can you please give us more details about what happened?
- Carly U.