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Wed, Jul 8, 2020 4:00 AM

My Question about SD Extended Capacity (SDXC Card) in Motorola G Fast Smartphone?

My brother buys a Motorola G Fast phone. He's very happy with it but the 32GB of Internal RAM filled up.
So I ordered a 128GB Samsung EVO Select SDXC Card that says UHS-1 U3 on it. When the card was installed we told it to use it as internal memory.
I realize now that most of her apps don't allow themselves to be moved to the SD card, but we managed to move about 5.8GB worth over.  I was expecting to be able to go into the camera app and change the storage to the SD card but in the Moto Camera, the storage option is grayed out.


This is Android 10, does it manage the space?

  • In Settings: Storage, it shows 21% in use so it sees the SD card, will it put photos/ vids on the SD or does it always prefer internal storage?
  • I am concerned that it's not going to use the SD card unless I tell it to, and I can't seem to tell it to do it.


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