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Tue, Sep 26, 2017 9:00 AM

iPhone 8 Plus Inner Circle Activation Issue

I was trying to take advantage of the Inner Circle Plan for a dollar for twelve months, and I’m having issues getting started. I am from Boost Mobile and I just purchased an unlocked IPhone 8 Plus from Apple. I entered my number online to check eligibility and a pop up appeared saying that I was eligible if I had purchased an unlocked IPhone Fromm Apple, but that the system was having issues so I had to call 844–604-3422. I attempted to call, but once ion the phone I felt very uneasy, and the questions being asked gave me a bad feeling. I believe it was a scammer so I just hung up.
I would really like to join Virgin Mobile and get the $1 for twelve months, but I don’t know how to go forward from here. I do not feel comfortable giving the number I called the information they wanted. But, the website keeps redirecting me saying the system is running into issues.

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4 y ago

This is very disturbing. I too just purchased an iPhone 8 and was told about the Inner Circle $1 plan. The sales agent at the MAC Store told me to take the new phone to any Virgin Mobile Store and they will activate it, after signing on to the plan. You have no stores and apparently, now I must return this phone to the MAC Store, then order yours online, then wait a month to have it activated. I am very disappointed. Also, I am disabled and it is not easy for me to jot around to buy something that the sales agent promised would be taken care of by your company, and now it's not. I am thinking I should not do business with either Mac or Virgin if this is the way you treat your customers. You are both billion dollar businesses and you can't communicate properly with each other or your customers. Obviously, you only wish to have an elitist clientele. I'm so sorry I do not fit into that category. Feeling gypped.