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Tue, Sep 26, 2017 11:00 AM

Facetime, speakerphone and microphone cutting out

I have had this new Iphone 7+ for a couple months now and have suffered through some terrible connections on Facetime, speakerphone and just regular phone conversations. Consistently, the other person complains how they can not hear me, it cuts out, and is muffled.

I have done ALL the Apple troubleshooting: Reset network settings, reset all settings, voice memo microphone test, full restore, their in store hardware and software test and to no avail.

I think this a network setting, but I have been getting strong LTE where I live. Can someone please help me?!

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4 y ago

A few questions:

1) does this happen no matter where you are making/receiving the call?

2) does this happen only with a specific caller (s) or with everyone?

3) is there any difference in performance depending on the network the person on the other end is on?

4) have you asked for suggestions on the Apple support communities?

Try running a speed test under two separate conditions: a) LTE off and wifi on and b) LTE on and wifi on.

Post back results including ping.

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4 y ago

1) Yes it happens all over the place and not 100% (more like 80)

2) Nope. All// a variety of callers

3) Not that I have noticed.. Att-- Virgin ---  Verizon have been explicitly tested

4) Nope

5) I've done both of those

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