Wed, Feb 10, 2021 5:13 PM

My wife has cancer she only got tell feb 14 21

I have been dealing with bad service from the get go right out of the box no data and no call's going or text for a month all most . My wife is the hospital with stage 4 stomach cancer and stage 2 brain cancer . One of the Boost customer service representative told her that we need to pay the bill everything in full but why i asked we haven't had service cause my wife missed. Her first and only appointment to get treatment on time so she won't die but the service representative said maybe you don't need a if your going to die.

I am so hot with boost right now you don't even know 


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4 m ago

We're truly sorry to hear that, Scott. Is the service interrupted?

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We understand. Definitely wanna look into that for you. Please send us a private message so we may review the account. 
- EdmundM