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Wed, Jun 28, 2017 9:00 AM

Got my iPhone today

They weren't kidding when they said it will ship starting 26th.  Ordered on 22nd, and received it today(28th).  I did not get email confirmation initially, but got it on 25th, and today I found a shipping notice in my spam box(gmail).

Hopefully activation will go smoothly.

By the way, FedEx just left the box in front of my house.. 

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4 y ago

I received my package too today and the email announcing that it shipped was also sent to me yesterday and went straight to my gmail junk folder. should be added to contact lists if you are in the same situation. I should also add I'm porting my number from T-Mobile and it's been a couple hours since activation and my new Virgin Mobile USA iPhone still says "No Service", which it switched to after beginning activation (before activation I had LTE). I will give an update upon activation success. I should note my T-Mobile phone number is still functional on my other phone.

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4 y ago

Thanks for the tip on the Spam folder! Found my tracking number there too.

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4 y ago

Looks like I will have to call someone to get this thing activated correctly then..  Mine is still "Restoring from iCloud". Taking forever..

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4 y ago

Good morning sang and thank you for have reported this issue.

Were you able to successfully activate your iPhone after going through the iCloud restore process?

We truly care about helping you!

RB-1991 (Robert)

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4 y ago

It is still waiting for my current provider to release the number.  The activation status page says "success!" although I do not have working service yet.

When you submit activation request, you get an activation number that starts like op-vbpp-#########...  but that number do not work. I see it in the activation tracking page that there's another number.

There seems to be multiple issues with webpages(giving bad tracking number, asking for serial number when it is actually supposed to be IMEI..) and not getting emails, the quality is very poor..  I am really hoping the phone service itself is not this bad.  At least customer service here is responsive.   I am only willing to put up with this because of the special promotion.