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Thu, Dec 5, 2019 9:00 AM

Are you having problems with Boost/ customer service?

So this morning I wake up and go into MyBoost app and check on the data usage due to the fact that I updated about 20 apps only to find out that my mobile hotspot was maxed out. Tjis seem kind of fishy to me seeing as how those amps alone probably wouldn't even if totaled up to even 2 gigabytes. I went ahead and used to chat app talk to a customer service representative and all he tells me is that I used the hotspot when it's not even turned on the hotspot is also set up so even if it was on and nobody can log on to it with the password in stuff you know regular things. Only to have the customer service rep continuously tell me that I used my Hotspot that their system shows that I used it when I didn't so I asked him how to resolve this and he tells me that I need to pay my bill again is Messi only way to restore my hotspot I don't use the hotspot but the application I used to do use mobile data and apparently as I'm using mobile data they're considering that my Hotspot usage so when I inform him of this all he does is continuously tell me that I need to pay my bill again at this rate I'll pay my bill anywhere from three to four times a month just to use my internet with my applications. When I let him know this and tell him that it would be cheaper to go to another service he tells me that he respects my decision that I can go ahead and switch or just pay my bill again. So after 3 hours up texting two customer service reps and one supervisor all they tell me is that I have to pay my bill again they have no way of resolving the issue there's no way for them to help me unless I pay my bill again to me this sounds like extortion I've only had the service for two weeks and from day one when I tried to make phone calls it would not connect to the calls so I have to dial about 6 to 7 times just to get through. So I went ahead and called customer service that time to I'm guessing it was a about an hour and a half process only to find out that my phone wasn't properly activated and because of that I had absolutely no service so for a whole day I had no phone and the customer service reps do you know how to help me, I was informed that I would need to go to a store in order to restore my service on the phone so I figured what the hell let me go ahead and try to call one more time and this time the agent who helped me was able to help me activate my phone so I didn't have to travel all the way to a store stop my day because they did something wrong so that's one good point on their part. Regardless of that and now I'm having this issue and it seems like since day one all that is going on is problems with their service and the customer service reps we're unable to help me with the issue that I stated before and when I let them know that I'm getting frustrated with the carrier they let me know that they respect my decision switching to another one that's not customer service that's passing the buck so if you have any issues with it please either reply to this or post the same thing in this category.

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2 y ago

when i try logging in my online account it says ,, try again later 

its not letting me log in my account ... 

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2 y ago

Sorry to hear that you're having issues @rubyred46. Please try deleting the cookies and the cache, then try to log in again.

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1 y ago

I have the same problem and bad service since2017 but got worse after I purchased a new phone they are very rude arguementive uneducated and have no proper supervision or customer service skills . it's all about ripping off people heck I just found out that I was billed an extra 20 a month for the past year and they did nothing and still want another payment after 2 days this is ridiculous people need to take this company down. It has totally stresed me out what country are we calling? To get ripped off. They sent me a text about my payment being accepted and then they say over the phone that I didnt pay I have bank statements and they basically call you a lier but I have proof.