Mon, Apr 12, 2021 2:10 PM

Need assistance

Just been a long time customer for years, and been with this current phone and plan almost year n half now. Ive currently been outta work the last 3 weeks and in the hospital because of extreme liver complications and just getting back to work this week and can't afford my monthly payment at this time for atleast another 2weeks when I'm able to get paid from finally working again this week. N would just really appreciate some help if at all possible n maybe get two week extension or free month for my loyalty and on time payments. Anything of the sort would be a miracle and help me be able to get in touch with work this week before my phone gets shut off tonight, thanks.


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2 m ago

Hi . We are sorry to hear about your health issues and we hope that everything goes well. 

We are not able to provide any extensions or free months of service. But with our Stay Connected feature you can continue to receive calls and texts even if the service is interrupted. We can also assist you on checking less expensive monthly plan options available and assist you to change that if needed.

- Reinhardt_S